Aromazeia Organic Tea

Often referred to as ‘tisane’, Organic Tea is a plethora of health benefits coupled with the the usual refreshing nature of the tea!

The Organic Tea is formed by infusing (also referred to as steeping) the seeds, roots,barks,leaves, fruits in hot water which boil into a mixture. The typical organic tea is different than the regular tea or green tea, in that it has lower content of anti-oxidants as compared to the former. Also, the composition of the tea various as the core ingredient i.e. the plant selected is varied however, until regular teas, it is completely caffeine free!

The Organic Tea is well known for its vast spectrum of health benefits ranging from weight shedding to restful sleeping!

However, to list down a few health benefits :-

  1. Cold relief
  2. Stops signs of aging
  3. Works Anti-nausea
  4. Amazing stress buster and anti-depressant
  5. Enhances digestion
  6. Regulates Blood Sugar
  7. Protects Kidneys
  8. Regulates Blood Pressure

Aromazeia provides a perfect blend of the various parts of the plants to form the healthy Organic Tea available in the following five refreshing flavours :-

  1. Black Orthodox  Tea (100gm per order)  :- Aromazeia’s Black Orthodox tea is organic whole leaf super fine tippy golden flowery orange pekoe. The finest grade, grown in the Himalayan region.
  2. Chamomile Tea (20 bags per order) :- Freshen up your soul with the salubrious infusion of chamomile in hot water.
  3. Peppermint Tea (20 bags per order) :- Peppermint in hot Water ! Add a slice of lemon and honey for taste.
  4. Rosemary Tea (20 bags per order) :- Being organically cultivated at a height of 6000ft in the Himalayas, it is a powerful antioxidant.
  5. Thyme Tea (20 bags per order) :- This tea made from  leaves of thyme relieves coughs & nasal congestions due to cold.

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